ZimAgro BioPesticide Solutions



 ZimAgro Biopesticide Solutions in Zimbabwe supplies a range of biorational insect pest control products. Our full product range works to protect all stages of the crop production chain using systems that aim to minimise the use of chemical pesticides and promote safe, sustainable and eco-friendly pest management in agriculture and horticulture





Who We Are? 

  • ZimAgro BioPesticide Solutions  distribute the Russell IPM brand in Zimbabwe
  • Russell IPM is the leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative biorational pest control technologies for crop protection and public health.
  • They design and manufacture pheromone lures and bio pesticides for our customers.
  • They promote bio-rational solutions to protect all stages of the food supply chain using systems that help to reduce the use of pesticides to maintain a safe, secure, sustainable and eco-friendly way of protecting food and other products from pest damage.
  • The Russell IPM headquarters and main production facilities are based in Deeside in the UK. 



Why Choose Russell IPM?

  • Russell IPM provides innovative Bio-rational crop pest solutions for Bangladesh market.
  • Our solutions are based on natural products which are safe, effective and environmentally friendly.
  • We are committed to provide alternative and innovative solutions which will enable farmers to produce fruits and vegetables without pesticide residue.
  • As recognition for scientific and innovative excellence our principal company Russell IPM UK has been awarded Queen’s Award for Enterprise; Innovation 2012 and Queen’s award for Enterprise; International trade 2011 and also Queen’s Award for Enterprise; Innovation 2018.